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Plett Labs

Plett Labs

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If you’re looking to get into Growth Marketing at a tech startup one day, this is the perfect entry point for you. We’re looking for a data-driven, scrappy growth marketing manager who will do whatever it takes to get that exponential curve going through paid marketing.

In order to do that though, you need to have worked with paid online channels and have spent money trying to acquire customers through them. To prove yourself, you want to work on a great concept that is innovative, has a good product-market fit, and is working. You want to be able to take a new business and scale it into a sustainable and profitable machine that can easily be automated. This is one of those chances.

You’ll have the freedom to experiment with what channels you feel would work best: we’ll give you the budget to play with during your internship. You’ll also be involved with other parts of the business, and will get a holistic overview of how an eCommerce brand operates.

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Meet Plett: an eCommerce brand becoming a real business after seeing huge success on Kickstarter. Plett is a modular bag that’s built for digital nomads who love adventuring + also want to workout while they’re on the go. We designed a product that’s made of modular dry bags which can turn into kettle bells, storage pouches or a great day pack depending on what you’re looking for that day.

Of course, this product doesn’t exist in the market and we didn’t know if it would work. Because of this, we built a Kickstarter campaign to experiment with that channel, and we raised over 300% of our target goal. The products have been delivered, customers are impressed with the high quality, our first influencers have been using and sharing the product, we’ve set up our affiliate programs and now we’re ready to scale.

(*our Kickstarter project link auto-deletes on this job post, simply look for the keywords "Plett backpacks" on Kickstarter, to find out more)

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We need a high potential growth marketer to match and learn how to build an ecommerce business off marketing channels that scale. We want someone who’s obsessed with how brand and business meet: and who will bring those two together by optimising their CAC, and bring in new business through the marketing funnel.

Someone who’d do great here would be obsessed with learning about the marketing funnel and how to optimise it. We’re looking for someone who lives and breathes A/B testing, who’s experimental in mindset and who’s looking to crack how new acquisition channels work. A plus would be that you’re great at looking at pivot tables, hacking together some code, and believe strongly in the 80:20 rule.

Growth marketing requires a strategic and iterative mindset, scrappy work, and fast delivery. This type of working style should speak to your way of thinking. You’re likely someone who loves to solve problems and then move on to the next one. You’re also the type of person who’s resilient and won’t lose motivation if an experiment fails. You have the freedom to fail: you need to take that responsibility to fail fast, learn from our mistakes and try something new until it works.This internship will give you exposure to building up an ecommerce business, owning the paid marketing and growth function of it, and working closely with people on business analytics and on content creation. You’ll learn how to make an automated online business. Pretty cool, huh?

We’re looking for someone with high potential to be a future business partner or full-time employee: starting off with an internship and seeing where it takes us. This gives you first-hand exposure to an early stage, bootstrapped business, and gives you the freedom to see how to scale it.

This is an unpaid internship, with the option to work 100% remote. The team will be distributed across Europe and Africa, with a global client base predominantly in the US and Europe.

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